5 ideas and cautions for using 120% of rental property with loft

rental property with loft
rental property with loft

I long for a room with a loft! You can also see the feeling of being proud of “I have a loft.” Use it for storage, bedrooms, hobby spaces, children’s playgrounds, and so on.

This time, we summarized 5 usage methods and cautions for using 120% of rental properties with lofts.

If you are considering moving to a rental property with a loft, you can refer to it. There are quite a lot of rental properties with lofts, so if you are longing for a room with a loft, consider moving to a room with a loft on this occasion.

What is a loft?

Loft definition refers to the room under the roof of the building. Loft apartments are apartments with mezzanine floors with attic lofts and high ceilings.

Grunier (French) has the same meaning as loft, and Grunier also refers to the attic, but while loft can be used as a hobby space, Grunier is also a term that includes the meaning of storage space in the same attic Therefore, the usage is different from loft.

Advantages of loft

The advantage of a room with a loft is that you can use more space. There are various ways to use the loft, and you can use it as a hobby space or as a storage space. Grunier is only used as a storage space, but the loft can be used as a part of the living space. The usage will be described later.

If you increase the number of rooms for storage, the rent will increase, and if you live alone, you will not be able to fully use the storage room, resulting in wasted space. Since the loft has a space on the ceiling, it can increase the storage space without increasing the number of rooms, and the space under the loft can be used effectively.

Loft notes

A room with a loft is convenient in terms of storage, but there are three precautions.

Air conditioning is not effective

The first point is that air conditioning is not effective. The cooler air has a tendency to accumulate below, making the cooler less effective in summer. If there is no window or the room is cooler than the cooler, it will be hot in summer and a little difficult to use as a bedroom. If the building is not well insulated, the heat will increase. On the other hand, warm air accumulates on the other side in winter, so it is easy to get warm.

It is hard to put a vacuum cleaner

The second precaution is that it is difficult to put in a vacuum cleaner. Lofts go up and down on ladders, so it is difficult to ascend with a vacuum cleaner, and lofts cannot afford to stand close to the ceiling, so cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is quite difficult.

Risk of injury

The third point is that there is a risk of falling by hitting your head against the ceiling or sliding your feet on the ladder. If you are careful, this can be prevented, but if you fall asleep when you wake up, you may accidentally stand up and hit your head against the ceiling, or if you wake up and try to get down the ladder, you may slip your feet. If you have a loft in your bedroom, be careful of waking up.

How to use loft part 1: Storage space

Lofts are useful for keeping things that you don’t normally use. If it is a close-in, it is troublesome to remove it when it is in use when it is stored in the back, but if it is a loft, it is easier to put in and out than a close-in.

Lofts are hard to see from the bottom, so you don’t have to rush and clean up when you visit. I think loft is a very convenient storage space for those who are not good at tidying up and those who have a lot of unused items but cannot easily throw it away.

How to use loft part 2: bedroom

In summer, measures against heat are necessary, but it can be used as a bedroom because it is warm from autumn to winter. As with storage, it’s hard to see from the bottom, so you don’t have to rush away when you visit, and you won’t be able to see the bedroom.

Even those who are usually sleeping underneath will sometimes feel down if they sleep in the loft. If you can’t sleep, you might be able to sleep by changing the environment, and you can enjoy a little camp feeling at home, so it’s also fun to sleep in the loft.

How to use lofts 3: hobby space

The loft can also be used as a hobby space. For example, if you store novels and manga in the loft, it will become a reading space that also serves as storage, and the loft will become a hobby space where you can concentrate, such as drawing and working.

If you choose a room with a large number of rooms to create a study or hobby room, the rent will increase, so if you want to create a hobby space while keeping the rent down, consider a loft.

How to use the loft # 4: Changing work and study

If you are working or studying at home, why not use the loft as a place to change your mood? If the place changes, your mood will change, so if you don’t get in the mood, you might be able to concentrate by going up the loft.

There is also a study method that you can learn with a place and set, and it also has the effect of making it easier to remember when you test, “Oh, I studied in a loft”. It’s nice to be able to change your mood at home without going out. You can save more than working or studying in a cafe.

How to use loft 5: Children’s playground

Loft is an exciting place for children. Even if it is a small space for adults, it is a large enough space for children, so it can be used as a playground for children.

However, since the loft goes up and down on the ladder, be careful not to let your child slide his / her foot on the ladder, and take measures such as putting a slip stopper on the ladder step.


Lofts are attractive because they increase storage and living space. There are opinions that it is difficult to use, but if you use the loft well, the comfort of life will surely improve. When choosing a rental property with a loft, I think it would be better to choose it after considering how to use it.

If you are longing for a room with a loft, or if you want to live in a different room from other properties.