8 things to change and notice after you start living alone, that? To speak more?

change and notice after you start living alone
change and notice after you start living alone

There are many people who know the nuisance of housekeeping after starting living alone, and that their homeowners appreciate it. There may be more to say to yourself or you may notice one aspect of yourself that you did not know.

Therefore, this time, I summarized the changes and notices that I have made since I started living alone. If you are already living alone, I think there are many contents of “I understand!”. If you are going to live alone, please know that there is such a change.

There are many things you will not notice in your home

It is completely different from living alone with your family, where it was natural to live with your family.

There are many things you will not notice if you are not living in an environment where you live alone, and you may discover new ones. Living alone leads to growth, so if you are lost, why don’t you dare to start living alone?

8 things to change and notice after you start living alone

I understand the value of my home

When you start living alone, you will appreciate the benefits of your parents. Even if you spend some living expenses in your home, you will find it cheaper than living alone, and you will notice that your parents did a lot.

Also, if you live in your own home, you can feel secure that there is a place to live even if you quit your job and your savings are at the bottom, but if you live alone, you lose your job and you lose your rent. When you start living alone, you will realize how blessed your home life is.

Know the nuisance and difficulty of housework

When I lived in my parents’ home, my parents did cooking and washing, but when I live alone, I have to do all the housework myself. There are many people who helped with housework at home, but it is hard to do all the housework of cooking, washing and cleaning alone.

Although it takes labor to do housework for one person, I understand the difficulty of parents who made rice for the whole family, washed, and cleaned not only the living room and kitchen but also their own room The

The troublesome smell and difficulty of housework is something you can’t understand without trying. If you become accustomed to living alone, you will tend to reduce the number of times you prepare for your meals and leave your room messed up, and you will feel the difficulty of doing housework every day, and you may be disappointed by your greedness.

Know the importance of saving

You can see the importance of saving when you start living alone. There is a big difference in daily expenses due to the accumulation of daily savings, and if you are wasting without thinking about savings, you will not save money.

Even if you buy one ingredient, the price is completely different if you buy it at a high supermarket and a cheap supermarket. It’s natural that the cost of food for a single person can make a big difference when it comes to a family. You can see why parents were bothered to go to the supermarket

Become concerned about utility bills

It is also related to savings, but when you start living alone, you start to worry about your energy bills. Some parents haven’t seen the details of utility bills because their parents paid for them at home.

Winter is the most expensive year of the year. There are many people who have been surprised to see the details of the utility bills that they started living alone in the first winter. Yes, heating costs are expensive. Those who used cancer cancer heating without worrying about utility costs when living in their homes will start thinking about how to save heating expenses when they start living alone.

To speak more

This is one of those who live alone, but when you start living alone, you will be talking more. Because there is no one at home, it’s not embarrassing to tweet, and it will murmur because of loneliness.

When watching TV, you murmur alone, or when you ’re looking for something, tweeting “Where are you? There is no problem if you are in the house, but you can also feel embarrassed by murmuring out of your own words. If you’ve increased your monologue since you started living alone, be careful not to murmur outside.


When you leave your home and start living in an environment that doesn’t rely on your parents, you will develop a natural and independent spirit. In the case of students, there are many people who have their parents sent off, but even if you live alone, you should develop your independence.

When you start living alone, you may feel lonely or feel anxious about your life, but if you overcome it, you will grow one. It would be interesting to compare yourself when you lived under the protection of your parents with yourself after you started living alone.

Realize yourself feeling lonely

When you live at home, you may feel annoyed by your parents, but you may feel lonely when you are alone. There are many people who feel lonely in their homes and miss their parents, especially when they are living alone.

This is something you get used to, and after a while you become resistant to loneliness. There are times when you still feel lonely, but think of it as living alone.

Making use of the experience of living alone in your life

There are many things that you will not realize unless you live alone. I realize the difficulty of housework and the importance of saving, and I really appreciate the benefits of my parents. You will also notice yourself as you increase your solitude and feel lonely.

Living alone is a good life experience. You will have the power to solve alone, and if you get married in the future, you should have the experience of living alone. It can be said that the feeling of gratitude to parents is also realized because they live alone.


When you start living alone, you may feel a lot of anxiety. If you think that you will have the experience to be your own food and that you will grow as you clear each and every thing, you will enjoy living alone. Living alone can be difficult, but there are many fun things to do, so let’s get started!

If you are lonely and lonely to live alone, why not share a room with your friends, siblings, and lovers? Of course, you have to do the housework yourself even in the room share, so you can grow up as if you were living alone.