Enjoy Drinking Alone at Home! 5 Easy Preparations and Tips!

Enjoy drinking
Enjoy drinking

You can enjoy what you like as much as you like, because you don’t have to pay for a single drink at home. In order to enhance home drinking, it is important to prepare with some tips. In this article, we will share tips and preparations for drinking at home.

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Preparation for drinking at home is essential

Drinking at home is cheaper than drinking at a store, and has the advantage that you can enjoy liquor and food. However, if you drink outside, the shop will do all the preparation and cleaning up, but you have to do all the drinking at home.

If you are not prepared properly, you may run out of drinks and snacks while you are drinking, or you may find it difficult to clean up after you have finished drinking. If that happens, you will get sick and get upset, right?

In order to make home drinking more fun and comfortable, pre-preparation is the most important thing. There is no difficulty in preparing. Make preparations with a bit of ingenuity, so be sure to try out the tips and preparations that we will introduce.

Tips and preparations for drinking at home

Take a bath first

If you drink outside, you have to go home, so you don’t have to drink too much. However, if you drink at home, you don’t have to go home, so you can drink to your limits and feel good.

If you’re drunk comfortably, you want to sleep right away. If you take a bath first, you can sleep immediately.

Also, if you take a bath with alcohol remaining in your body, your sense of balance may be disturbed, causing you to slip and squeeze and injure you. In addition, if you take a bath with alcohol, your heart may be overburdened and arrhythmias and heart attacks may occur.

It is a good idea to take a bath before drinking and for women to remove makeup.

Make a lot of ice

Ice is indispensable for drinking alcohol deliciously. Especially if you drink whiskey, awamori or shochu, you will need a lot of ice.

Make a lot of ice so that you don’t run out of ice!

In addition, if you have an ice tray that makes it easy to make round ice that comes out in a store, you can enjoy the atmosphere.

Canned food as a snack

If you drink at home, think about cleaning up after you finish drinking. I want to prepare a knob that is easy to clean up.

In particular, “canned food” that can be eaten immediately and easy to clean up is ideal for drinking at home. If you eat it as it is without moving it to a plate, you do not need to wash it. Recently, many canned foods suitable for liquor have come out for home drinking.

If canned, long-term storage is possible. Therefore, it can be said that it is safe even if the schedule is crazy and you can not drink at home, or if you buy too much and you get too much.

Make a snack that you can make

If you want to make your own snacks as well as canned foods, you can prepare snacks that you can make.

If it is a freshly made snack, it is possible to make it cheaper than canned food, so the cost performance is also high.

If it is a freshly prepared snack, you can use it as a meal after the next day. Make more snacks so that the snacks don’t run out before the sake.

In addition, if you put a lot of snacks on a large plate instead of serving them in small dishes, washing after you finish eating is easy.

If you don’t know how to make freshly prepared snacks, the following article explains the recipes you can easily make, so please read it.

Get ready to sleep

The merit of drinking at home is that you can sleep right away. Arrange futons and beds so that you can sleep right away after drinking.

In addition, even if you plan to do something after enjoying drinking at home, you may not be able to keep up with the plan because you drink too much. Even if you are drinking at home, you may be worried about your errands and schedules, and you may not be able to fully enjoy alcohol.

If you have to do housework or work, it is better not to procrastinate and do it before you start drinking at home.

In particular, women can enjoy drinking home comfortably by removing makeup and taking care of their skin. When you have finished drinking at home, just go to the futon and sleep!

Living alone can be enjoyed at home without hesitation

When you go out to drink, it may be difficult for you to enter the store alone, or you may not be able to drink as much as you can because of the last train.

However, if you drink at home, you can enjoy your favorite sake and snacks without hesitation. In addition, cost performance is good, you can enjoy alcohol with a budget.

The reason why you can enjoy drinking without worrying about someone getting a drunk appearance is because you live alone. Please try to drink at home.


Home drinking where you can enjoy your favorite sake and snacks without hesitation is very attractive. Cost performance is also good, so it can be said that it is perfect for living alone, where you want to save money.

In addition to drinking alone, it is also attractive to invite good friends to drink at home. In such a case, if you have a room with a counter kitchen, you can enjoy a bar-like atmosphere. The rooms with a counter kitchen are featured below, so check them out!