Five Tips to Continue Cooking by Yourself! Self-prepared Attitude that People who dont want to know

Tips to Continue Cooking by Yourself
Tips to Continue Cooking by Yourself

Many people worried that when they started living alone, they would cook their own meals, but when they started, they couldn’t cook their own meals. If you’re just motivated and don’t continue cooking, you have to devise a way.

In this article, we will introduce five tips for staying alone and living alone. If you don’t continue cooking, read this article and change your mind about cooking. There must be a new discovery.

I think I have to do it, but I can’t cook myself

It is important to have a feeling that you have to cook your own food. There is a cause for not continuing, so if you understand it, you will be able to continue cooking.

Rather than lamenting, “Self-cooking does not continue”, why not continue? Think about how you can continue. That way, you will surely find a way to continue cooking.

It is important to devise a way of doing everything, and self-catering is no exception. If self-catering becomes a habit, you will not be driven by the obligation to do it, and it will be easier to continue cooking.

I hope that the tips I’ll introduce will help you if you don’t continue cooking.

Five tips to continue cooking by yourself

Learn cut-out dishes

The impression of language may not be good, but it is not bad. If you learn a hand-cut dish, you can lower the hurdles of self-cooking, and you can think of making a day when you find it cumbersome.

For example, there are many hand-cut dishes using noodle soup. You can also make pork shabu with boiled mentsuyu. Some people say that mentsuyu is an all-purpose seasoning, and it can be used to make cooking faster.

Let’s learn how to cut dishes and prepare your own meals easily.

Don’t care about how it looks

I am frustrated when thinking that “If you cook your own meals, you can make a dish that looks like an instagram “. If you are used to cooking, you can make a good-looking dish, but if you are not used to it, you don’t have to make it look nice.

If you just eat, no one complains that it looks a little bad. The appearance is good after getting used to self-cooking, so let’s assume that it looks a little messy.

Avoid cumbersome recipes

If only recipes that are cumbersome to make are self-cooking. If you are a culinary enthusiast, you may enjoy challenging difficult recipes, but if you are a beginner, you will be frustrated with a high probability.

It is reckless for self-cooking beginners to challenge advanced recipes so that those who have just started skating can’t suddenly fly triple accelerators. Regardless of why skating is a matter of course, if you start with a recipe for beginners, you can continue cooking without frustration.

So don’t overdo it at first, let’s learn from simple recipes. Mastering recipes that anyone can make is important for continuing to cook.

Utilize frozen food

There are many people who think that frozen foods are a cornerstone, but let’s use them more and more. Although it is not said that it is a frozen food that can be tinned in the range, it is not a self-catering, but even if you use frozen food as a material, it is a good self-catering.

It’s more economical to use frozen foods because living alone would result in excess vegetables, and it would be expensive for one person. Frozen foods can be cooked quickly, so let’s make good use of them.

Learn recipes you can make in the range

If you cook yourself, learn recipes that you can cook in the range. Think of this as an efficient self-catering method, not as a hand-picked dish.

Range cooking is very efficient because it requires less washing and can do other things while warming. There are many range recipes that can be easily made, so let’s use them more and more.

Simple recipes that can be made in the microwave are featured in this article. We also introduce goods that can be used for range cooking, so please use them for short-time cooking.

Even self-catering meals

Cooking isn’t just about sticking. Even if you serve someone with home-cooked food, you can use hand-picked food if it is delicious. The important thing is whether you can be satisfied.

Even hand-cut dishes are fine self-catering, and if they are delicious, there is nothing to say. If you don’t want to be a professional chef, simple cooking is enough.

Let’s challenge a recipe with a high difficulty level after getting used to cooking. Even if you try to make a difficult dish when self-catering is not a habit, you will definitely be frustrated.

Prioritize continuing, and learn simple recipes called hand-cut dishes so that you can easily cook your own meals.


Self-catering does not have to be difficult. Let’s say that you cook your own food with your breasts even if you just mix and temper. You will be confident that you will continue cooking.

Even those who have frustrated with self-cooking should take this opportunity to start with simple cooking! Even simple recipes will make your cooking more enjoyable as the repertoire increases.

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