Self-cooking is a little fun! 7 unique kitchen items

7 unique kitchen items
7 unique kitchen items

The way to enjoy self-catering is more than just devising the menu. Self-catering becomes a little more fun with unique kitchen goods!

If you buy kitchen miscellaneous goods that you want to use, you’ll be more excited than you think it’s troublesome. I collected 7 unique kitchen items, so why not buy them to make cooking easier?

If you want to cook your own meal, the easiest kitchen is the best! Here is a special feature on rooms with a system kitchen.

Self-cooking will be a little fun if you stick to kitchen miscellaneous goods

If you think you are bored with cooking, try to change the kitchen environment. It is difficult to change the layout, but if you use kitchen accessories, you will feel the usual familiar kitchen fresh.

Convenient kitchen miscellaneous goods are good, but if you buy unique kitchen miscellaneous goods with a little bit of material, self-catering becomes a little more fun. There are miscellaneous items that can also be used as interior items. It’s also fun to decorate with kitchen miscellaneous goods as if you enjoyed the remodeling.

7 unique kitchen items

Seasoning shaker

A unique seasoning container with objects inside like a snow dome. Add salt and pepper to a cactus object and add sugar or salt to a fir-tree object to create a winter landscape.

It’s also nice to have seasonings on plant objects. You can also enjoy as a miniature.

Egg separator York Pig

Egg separator that can absorb only yolks from eggs. The shape of the pig is unique, and the appearance of sucking and sucking out yolks is cute.

The lovely figure will be fun just to put it in the kitchen. There are other frogs and goldfish, so please choose according to your preference.

Saeda Daruma

A cute toothpick in the shape of a snowman. A toothpick can be inserted into the hand of the snowman.

An ordinary toothpick will make you feel like an old man, but it will be fashionable by making it a snowman. It might be interesting to try writing a face with magic.

Porcupine toothpick stand

Introducing another unique toothpick stand. This is a toothpick stand that mimics a porcupine. Put a toothpick on your back to make a great porcupine. You can also hook it with your forefoot.

Porcupine has a sharp needle on his back, and the needle seems to dismiss even the lion. The sharp needles help to repel the enemy, but even if you try to snuggle up, they will hurt each other with their needles. Yes, this is the Porcupine Dilemma. It has nothing to do with this toothpick stand.

Boiled Egg Shaper Darth Vader

A boiled egg shaper that becomes Darth Vader’s face when boiled eggs are added. Although it is Darth Vader, it is white, but it can reproduce the mask firmly.

You’ll be a little surprised if you are in a lunch box. If you eat it, it will fall to the dark side. Other types are Trooper, C-3PO, R2-D2.

Doroko cat plate

When you try to eat fish on a plate, your hands are trying to steal the fish! ? Please rest assured, it is a picture written on a plate!

Actually, this is drawn in three dimensions, not a plane. It is a unique dish that is playful with Nyan. ◎ for gifts.

Spoonsaber hugboy

When set in a spoon or egg, it prevents it from falling into the pan. Spoon Saber! The figure that holds and protects me well is cute.

Let’s look for kitchen goods that will be fun to use

Aside from whether it is easy to use, it would be ant to choose kitchen miscellaneous goods depending on how fun cooking is. It ’s easy to use, but it ’s worth buying if it ’s fun to use.

It may be used as a figurine only at the beginning. However, if you have a cute design kitchen miscellaneous goods, you can entertain them. It’s also good to enjoy the enjoyment of buying, the enjoyment of using and the enjoyment of watching without being too particular about convenience.


The trick is to make cooking fun to continue cooking. If you think of cooking as a work, it will not be fun, but you can enjoy cooking with the unique kitchen miscellaneous goods introduced here.

If the kitchen is difficult to use, you don’t feel like cooking yourself, so if you want to cook for yourself, a room with an easy-to-use kitchen is recommended. You can find rooms with a system kitchen from the following page.