Thank you for the pollen season! Advantages and disadvantages of bathroom heating dryer that can also dry laundry indoors

bathroom heating dryer
bathroom heating dryer

Bathroom heating dryers are very convenient and can make your life more comfortable by keeping your laundry dry even when it rains, preventing mold and warming your bathroom in winter. The presence or absence of a bathroom heater / dryer is one of the points you should check when searching for rental properties.

What function does the bathroom heater / dryer have? What are the advantages and disadvantages? I will explain each one in detail. Bathroom heater dryers are all about benefits, so you may want to look for a rental property with a bathroom heater dryer!

What is bathroom heating dryer?

A bathroom heater / dryer is a heating system installed in the bathroom, also called hot drying. As its name suggests, it has the function of heating and dehumidifying the bathroom, and there are two types of installation locations: the ceiling-embedded type and the wall-mounted type.

It is sold by housing equipment manufacturers such as TOTO, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Rinnai and Noritz, and there are differences in functions depending on the manufacturer and model. The main functions are bathroom heating, bathroom drying, clothes drying, and various additional functions such as clothes deodorizing function, mold suppression function, mist sauna function, plasma cluster ion, etc.

Advantages of bathroom heating dryer

1: Laundry can be dried in the bathroom

When it rains, if you hang your laundry indoors, it will dry out and you will have a peculiar odor. If you have a bathroom with a bathroom heating dryer, the drying function will dry the laundry well, making it hard to smell fresh. The same is true during snowfall, especially in areas where there is a lot of snow, such as Hokkaido and Tohoku.

People with hay fever are worried about pollen getting on their clothes when they are air-dried. Bathroom heating dryers are also active in pollen control, and do not bring pollen into the room by drying in the bathroom. I think it will be helpful for those who have allergies, as it will be a measure against PM2.5.

The bathroom dryer is also effective in terms of theft. Women who live alone may be worried about theft of laundry, but a bathroom heater / dryer can prevent theft because it does not require drying out.

2: Mold prevention

It takes time to dehumidify with a ventilation fan alone, and mold is likely to occur. If the bathroom drying function is turned on, it will ventilate the room and prevent mold.

3: Winter bathroom gets warm

In winter, the bathroom is cold and you don’t want to take a bath. If you warm the bathroom with the bathroom heating function before taking a bath, you can avoid the coldness of the bathroom in winter.

4: Heat shock prevention

If blood pressure fluctuates suddenly due to the temperature difference between a cold bathroom and hot water, a “heat shock” occurs, which places a heavy burden on the heart and brain. Accidents of death due to cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, etc. have occurred, especially for elderly people and those with high blood pressure.

Since “heat shock” occurs due to the temperature difference in the bathroom, you can prevent “heat shock” by warming the bathroom in advance. The higher the room temperature in the bathroom, the less the temperature difference from hot water and the less burden on the body.

Disadvantages of bathroom heating dryer

1: It costs electricity

The bottleneck is that the electricity bill will increase as the bathroom heater / dryer is used. Whether you can dry laundry even in the rainy season or pollen season, you can relieve the coldness of the bathroom in the winter, prevent mold, prevent heat shock, or save electricity bills, but depending on your ideas It is possible to save on electricity bills.

You can save electricity bills by contracting a plan with cheap nighttime electricity bills, and mainly using the bathroom heating dryer at night. You can also reduce your electricity bill by drying the room to some extent and then shortening the time to dry in the bathroom. If you turn it on to prevent mold, wipe off the water in the bathroom and the drying time will be short.

2: It may take some time to dry

The time for the laundry to dry varies depending on the performance of the bathroom heater / dryer, the amount and size of clothing. Depending on the situation, it may take some time to dry, and the electricity bill will be charged accordingly. However, this can also be avoided to some extent by devising such as previously drying the room.


If you have a bathroom heater / dryer, the laundry can be dried in the bathroom on rainy days and pollen seasons. For women who live alone and those who often leave their homes during the day, indoor drying is more secure. Preventing heat shock is also a great advantage of bathroom heating dryers. For people with high blood pressure and elderly people, it is safer to use a bathroom heating dryer.